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Hi! I am Angelica Grace, your personal PrayerConnexus assistant here to help you navigate all the wonderful features the site has to offer. Clicking on the Dove Help on any given page will provide further instructions on how to navigate that page and its' features.

Read Your Prayers

Prayer Center TabsAssigned: These are prayers assigned to you by the prayer group(s) you have joined.

Submitted: Prayers you have submitted to PrayerConnexus.

Filter: Allows you to search for prayer requests you have been assigned or requests you have submitted.

Administer Your Groups

Administer Your Groups

  • Displays prayer groups that you have created or are at least an Intercessory Leader of.
  • Clicking view allows you to see pending prayer and join requests submitted to your group.
  • Clicking on the name of your group brings you to the group's profile page where you can make changes or updates to your group.