About PrayerConnexus

PrayerConnexus is breakthrough, web-based, tool designed to enable global intercessory prayer. By harnessing the power of the internet, PrayerConnexus can quickly connect people in need of prayer with members of churches and other prayer organizations that have a desire and an assignment to pray for others.

Established as an outgrowth of the intercessory prayer ministry at Fresh Anointing Christian Center (FACC) in Upper Darby , Pennsylvania, PrayerConnexus has a mission to bring together as many people in need as possible to encourage and ensure the communal aid offered by prayer.

The site, designed to streamline, facilitate, and enhance the communication process for the intercessory prayer ministry at FACC, will continue to evolve over time as individuals and groups learn and grow in their use of the internet to connect in prayer. By allowing an intercessory prayer leader to receive, manage, and distribute prayer requests online, Prayer Connexus puts the hands, hearts and souls of many more people at their service of those in need. For some, Prayer Connexus offers an alternative to the telephone, as a means for communicating prayer requests to members of the prayer ministry, and church. For others, Prayer Connexus simply expands their universe of like-minded servants of the Lord, reaching out across the world, opening their eyes to the beauty and need of people they otherwise would never have met.

Each prayer request can be submitted online at www.PrayerConnexus.com and distributed instantly via e-mail to fellow intercessors and any other members of the church who have been registered in the prayer system. All prayers that are submitted are stored in a database.

Because PrayerConnexus is a database driven system it can collect highly beneficial information on issues are that are plaguing God’s people.

For example an organization can extract the number of health related prayers for a given time period and use this for analysis or comparison. This type of data collection also contributes to another important component of PrayerConnexus which is the Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS component of PrayerConnexus enables people to identify prayer request trends, and statistics by geographic region. With the GIS component of PrayerConnexus anyone will be able to visit the site (www.PrayerConnexus.com) and look at a virtual map to see which topics, and at what frequency topics are being prayed for in specific geographic regions.

Welcome Letter from the Founders

Prayer Cloud

Below is a listing of the most requested prayer categories. The larger the category, the more frenquently it was requested.


The PrayerConnexus system is a conduit that God is using to unite Fresh Anointing Christian Center prayer warriors into front line prayer via the internet. We can send a 911 to the Lord Jesus Christ and within minutes the Great Intercessor has our petitions before Him. FACC Intercessors lock hearts and voices as we become inspired by the Holy Spirit to pray for every prayer request. At times we will be dispersed in different locations however we are instantly connected by PrayerConnexus...
- Peace and love, Jeanette Brown